Communication (Videos)

Effective communication sets the foundation for individual and organizational success. When you master effective communication skills, you gain a great deal of power - the power to get things done. Our communication programs focus on building the key skills you need to communicate successfully.
Curing Common Meeting Ailments (Interview) 6 minutes
Effective Business Writing 21 minutes
High Performance Communication 20 minutes
Keeping Meeting Participants Awake (Interview) 7 minutes
Resolving Conflict 15 minutes
Telephone Etiquette 23 minutes
The Influence Edge and E-Mail 11 minutes
People Styles at Work 14 minutes
Understanding Negotiation 20 minutes
Working Wounded: Effective Business Presentations 3 minutes
Working Wounded: Giving an Apology at Work 3 minutes
Working Wounded: Leading a Successful Meeting 3 minutes
Working Wounded: Making Group Decisions 3 minutes
Working Wounded: Working Through Conflict 3 minutes
The People Styles Model 20 minutes
Communication (Videos)
$65.00 CAD

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